India Onward is an initiative to represent the voice of Non Residential Indians and people of Indian origin who make up for one of the biggest diaspora in the world. While we continue to participate in the nation building excise in the countries we reside, India’s interest also stay close to our heart. We firmly believe that the world’s largest democracy India will play a vital role in keeping this planet a peaceful and prosperous society. Please join us in this mission and bet for India for a better world!


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The founding members of India Onwards started this platform to represent India’s side on the world forum. One of the world’s oldest civilizations and a vibrant country of 1.36 billion people, India is often viewed through a skewed lens and uncalled for bias. We decided to call this bluff. Join us to explore Incredible India with a wide-angle lens and open mind; there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

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